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Snow has Arrived: Living in a Winter Playground

December 30, 2022



After a couple of small flurries in late October, we got some decent snowfall early November, which has stuck around since. We have been told the amount of snow we've received so far has been rather normal, but it is unusual for it to stick around for so long.

Like most of the U.S., we have been experiencing some bizarre weather this year. The colder than normal nights have been turning the snow into ice. Keeping the driveway clear is a must.

Eventually, we would like to purchase a snow blower and possibly a plow. Just to make life a little easier and fun.

Unsurprisingly, the girls took to the snow and frigid temps extremely well. Almost every afternoon, once their homework and reading was done, they would race outside to play. In their excitement, they would leave the house not fully suited up—Usually hopping on one foot as they slide into their boots, or forgetting to put on their beanies and zip up their jackets.

The large cul-de-sac in front of our house accumulates a nice mound of snow, on which the neighborhood kids will climb and slide down. Despite the drier snow, meaning little chance at making snowballs, they still find a way to make up games and enjoy the cold.


Like most California natives, we have little experience driving in the snow. However, I feel we might have slightly more than the average with our increasing frequency of snow camping the last few years. We are genuinely excited to drive in it. Well, I am more than Kevyn.

Since it is a small town and many of our destinations are close, there is no desire to drive fast. It's a much slower pace of living here. This is even more imperative when the roads are icy. I don't think I've driven over 40mph in weeks, maybe even a few months. It's quite enjoyable not being in a hurry.

After each snow storm, I wake up early to clear the drive. By the end of October, I got the garage cleaned up enough to put the car inside. And just barely in time, I might add. I cannot stress enough how having your car in the garage is necessary. The car is only slightly warmer than it would be if left outside. However, the time saved by not having to brush off the snow or scrape the ice sheets off the windows feels luxurious.

Our new (to us) Pilot, has seat warmers. A perk we have never had in a vehicle before. A few minutes on high heat reminds me of being stuck in commuter traffic back on Business 80 in the middle of a classic California heat wave. It warms my heart knowing I'm far from experiencing that again.

The air is so crisp and fresh. After living much of my life in the Sacramento Valley, I feel so spoiled and blessed to be breathing such clean air all day and seeing the beauty of the snow everywhere.

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