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Leaving California: The Long Haul Through the Desert

August 22, 2022



Nostalgia sat in as we did some minor cleaning to our place and gathered the few remaining items. It felt like it was only the day before that we were filling that empty condo with our stuff. How time flies.

We had so much help packing up our home into one 20' truck and two vehicles. Loading an entire home in four hours has got to be a record. Thank you to everyone that came to pack, load up the vehicles, or help us during this gigantic transition.

750mi | $550 in Gas | 2 Vehicles (towing a 3rd) | 6 Humans | 2 Pets | 1 Jungle of Houseplants

Early the next day, Juan took off in the moving truck with a friend who agreed to help drive with us. The ladies had a later start, but we all happened to meet up at our first gas fill-up in Reno at the same time. Every two hours or so, we made gas and/or food stops. At which point, Juan made sure to check on the plethora of houseplants stowed away in my car. Because it was being towed, the AC couldn't be on, so ensuring they weren't being fried in the August heat made Kevyn more at ease.

Nevada, which made up the majority of our trip, was beautiful, but it's easy to dismiss the desert dust and dry shrubs in the summer. Our guess is that it's stunning in the spring.

Dinner was a welcome break from the drive. We stopped in the city of Twin Falls, ID to meet up with some new friends, who also recently moved to Idaho. They took us to a fantastic local restaurant. Our planned 45min pit-stop turned into two hours of delicious food and laughs. No regrets.

We rolled into our new town a little after midnight. In my tired state, I accidentally slammed a car door on my thumb. It required a splint for a few days as the swelling and pain subsided. Now I just have to wait the next month or so for the blackened nail to grow out and heal.

After all of the gas, food, truck rental, and plane tickets (for our two friends to drive out with us) this was definitely the most expensive road trip to date. I don't want to down-play the stress involved in such a move, but honestly, it felt so smooth and rather painless, aside from my thumb, that is. It had it's moments, but in the end we made it.

We're so thankful for the friends and family that helped us pack and load the truck, and to the two who made the drive out with us. Y'all are amazing!

Can't wait to share how we're settling into our new home and town.

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