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We’re the Exodus Family

In 2022, we packed our belongings, sold our Northern California condo, and headed to the high elevations of Eastern Idaho.

We escaped for a multitude of reasons. Economics, politics, education, culture, air quality—take your pick. But ultimately it was to follow God and what He has planned for our lives.

Throughout this blog, we’ll be sharing our goals, dreams, and adventures as we explore our new state, renovate our home, build friendships, and settle into our new lives.


Being born and raised in Northern California, we have a deep love for the outdoors. Whether it’s the coasts of Monterey Bay, the lakes of the Sierra Nevada, the food and flavors of wine country, or the river cut valleys, we felt blessed anytime we got to spend time outside. We often skipped traditional tourist vacations in order to hike, backpack, or camp any opportunity we could. We are by no means a “North Face” or “Patagonia” family, but we love our gear. We’re equipped for all sorts of trips, between ultralight excursions off the beaten path to comfy car camping with all of the creature amenities.

We also enjoy the arts and being crafty. As a family we play a handful of instruments, dance, sew/crochet, create digital designs and fashion sketches, garden, or make our own minor house/car repairs and DIY projects. We've been in apartments and condos for over a decade, but with the new house we are excited to learn more hobbies and have the room to practice more skills.


Learn more about why we moved and how this all started here.


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